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Your Own Bank?

Have you been looking for a suitable license for setting up your own offshore online banking business or e-money institution and concluded that most jurisdictions impose onerous requirements with regards to capital adequacy and qualification criteria?

Here's the Solution

This is the perfect entity option for an online e-banking, e-money or e- currency business and an excellent match for use with our innovative Banking Platform.


We doing all necessary paper works for the jurisdiction options we offer.


We register a Bank Identifier Code (BIC) for your Financial Institution on SWIFT


Fully functional front end and back end banking software included.


Brand domains MCMBANK and MCMCARD included in package.


We can now offer access to a new unique USD/EUR/GBP Prepaid VISA® and MasterCard® program. One of the most powerful features of this card program, is the ability for smaller financial institutions to have their own card branding, at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with custom (white label) card programs. Utilising a new Visa® and MasterCard® card creation process, new designs can now be approved and deployed quickly. No longer is there a requirement to prepay for 5000 cards or more. By committing to as little as 500 cards, smaller financial institutions can also benefit from the added advantage of aligning their branding with the Visa® and MasterCard® brands.

  • Mastercard
  • Visacard


If you are planning to offer financial services, asset management, investments and payment processing services, you might want to consider setting up a multi - jurisdictional group. In this option you will need a Trust company which can be registered in tax heavens or Europe as well. We can offer a Seychelles offshore holding company for partner of the Trust company together with the Bank.

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